Trump’s arraignment: Everything you need to know about the timeline of the legal proceedings

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Former President Trump is expected to have a busy Tuesday, starting the day with his arraignment in a New York courtroom before flying back to Florida, where he is expected to deliver remarks later that evening.

Trump is expected to arrive at the New York City courthouse at 11 a.m. on Tuesday morning, hours ahead of his scheduled arraignment in front of Judge Juan Merchan at 2:15 p.m. The proceedings are expected to take 15 to 30 minutes, with extensive security around the building expected to search everyone in the courtroom twice.

Trump is likely to use a side entrance to the building, though the exact details of his arrival will not be known even by the court until shortly before his arrival for security reasons.

According to legal experts, Trump is likely to be fingerprinted and will take a mug shot, but there is not expected to be a “perp walk” or public arrival for security reasons. Trump is also unlikely to be handcuffed as a result of an arrangement made …

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