Germany’s “Green Energy” Dystopia Should be a Warning for the United States

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As congressional Democrats and the Biden administration continue to ram through their fanatical vision of a “green revolution” in the energy sector, Germany’s current energy crisis stands as a stark warning of what could befall the United States should it continue down its current path.

For decades, German climate ideologues have convinced their government to focus all of its energy investment in so-called “green” resources, while also pressuring German industry to do the same. They insisted that, with enough money, wind, solar, and other renewables could meet the country’s energy demands.

Former President Donald Trump famously warned about the folly of this strategy during a speech before the UN General Assembly in 2018, and was laughed at by world leaders at the time.

But Trump was proven correct following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Despite Germany’s constant preening about its commitment to green …

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