Leonardo DiCaprio Testifies Obama Received 20-30 Million Dollars for Reelection from Foreign Fugitive

Article originally appeared on amac.us.

On Monday, actor Leonardo DiCaprio testified in federal court about an alleged money laundering scheme for then-President Barack Obama’s reelection campaign in 2012. According to numerous reports, Malaysian businessman-turned-fugitive Jho Low informed DiCaprio at a party that “he, or he and a group, were going to make a significant contribution to the Democratic Party” to aid in the reelection of President Obama. “It was a significant sum… something to the tune of $20-30 million. I said, ‘Wow that’s a lot of money,” DiCaprio replied.

Additionally, the New York Post revealed more about the money laundering scheme when it reported the following:

“Low allegedly recruited Prakazrel “Pras” Michel – the founding member of the iconic 1990s hip-hop group The Fugees – to funnel the money to Obama’s reelection bid as foreigners cannot donate to US campaigns under federal election law. Michel took tens of millions of dollars to lobby the government on behalf of Low and the Chinese …

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