The Left Tries Another ‘High-Tech Lynching’ of Clarence Thomas

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Decades after baselessly smearing him as a sexual deviant and grotesquely disparaging him as an “Uncle Tom” and a “traitor,” leftists are once again targeting Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. This time, the smear campaign is somehow even less convincing than their previous lines of attack.

On April 6, ProPublica, a non-profit with a history of promoting far-left radicalism, published a report accusing Thomas of “secretly accept[ing] luxury trips from a major Republican donor,” a real estate developer named Harlan Crow. By accepting these gifts, the group alleges, Thomas “appears to have violated” Supreme Court disclosure obligations by not reporting his airline travel as “gifts” from Crow.

Yet, despite leftists’ eagerness to pounce on charges of corruption against Thomas, as legal analyst Ed Whelan notes, ProPublica’s entire case rests upon “cherry-picked little-known and unnamed ‘experts’” presenting “a false and damning clarity on the matter.”

Thomas is, …

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