Exposing Biden’s Radical Government-Wide “Equity” Plans

Article originally appeared on amac.us.

Earlier this year, President Joe Biden signed another “racial equity” executive order mandating that every federal agency create a so-called “equity action plan” to “remove barriers for underserved communities.” Despite the benign-sounding language, however, the resulting “action plans” have made clear once again that the left’s “equity” agenda is antithetical to the principle of equality and effectively amounts to state-sponsored discrimination.

In short, “promoting equity” is the left’s euphemism for using government or institutional power to manufacture equal outcomes across so-called “underrepresented communities.” Rather than creating equality of opportunity and allowing individuals to achieve success on their own merit, the “equity” doctrine says that everything from jobs to government benefits must be distributed in order to ensure everyone achieves the same outcome.

If the concept sounds radical, that’s because it is – so radical, in fact, that even avowed “democratic-socialist” …

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