Did Biden Just Accidentally Reveal His Plan to Make Kamala Harris President?

Article originally appeared on amac.us.

One year after infamously taking directions from the Easter bunny to avoid answering a question about his disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal, Joe Biden has once again been implicated in a head-scratching moment at this year’s Easter Egg Roll. This time, Biden may have inadvertently revealed his plans to step down from the presidency midway through a hypothetical second term—presumably handing the reins over to Kamala Harris, Biden’s historically unpopular vice president.

“Well, I plan on at least three or four more Easter Egg Rolls,” Biden said to journalist Al Roker this week in response to a question about his 2024 plans. After Roker asked Biden to confirm what he had said, Biden appeared to have quickly caught himself, adding, “Maybe five. Maybe six. What the hell? I don’t know.”

Though most of the news coverage surrounding Biden’s comments at the Easter Egg Roll …

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