Mexican kidnappers targeting American tourists have ‘no code’ curbing ruthlessness: expert

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Kidnapping Americans in Mexico was “a business” executed by professionals with a law enforcement or military background – and was more prevalent during the 1980s than any other time in history – renowned private investigator Jay Armes III told Fox News Digital.

Abductions were “run as operations” that targeted the elite and wealthy with average ransom demands of $25 million, and they kept the victim alive if the family paid up, he said. If they didn’t pay, the victim was dead.

“Death was bad for business,” Armes III told Fox News Digital in an exclusive interview. “Think about it. Why would anyone in their right mind pay a ransom when they know that they’re not only going to lose their loved one, but they’re going to lose their money?”

But today’s kidnappers in Mexico “have no rules, no ethics,” the Dallas-based private investigator said. “They …

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