Devastating Intelligence Leak revealing US military plans for Russia, Ukraine, China, and others

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A major intelligence leak has occurred, revealing US military plans and assessments for Russia, Ukraine, China, South Korea, Turkey, Egypt, and Israel – possibly others. The treasonous leaker was a 21-year-old Massachusetts Air National Guardsman. What are the implications? How and why did this happen? Where do we go from here? Implications are layered, reasons this occurred serious.

As a former naval intelligence officer myself, once cleared to TS/SCI – compartmented level, who also held Top Secret in two White Houses and five years of congressional oversight, my eyes popped at this.

Six implications flow from this news – not being covered by mainstream media. Some are obvious, others not. Here they are:

First, release of this highly sensitive intelligence instantly puts American military and intelligence personnel in harm’s way, compromising national security missions and personnel. It also places adversaries on notice …

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