Senate GOP Report Declares that COVID Leaked from U.S.-Funded Wuhan Lab

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A Republican senator has released a bombshell report declaring that the Chinese Coronavirus did, in fact, originate in a laboratory that specialized in coronavirus research, with the United States government providing funding to said lab.

As reported by Just The News, Senator Roger Marshall (R-Kan.), the ranking member of the Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee, had his staff review over 50,000 documents in preparation for the report. Their findings not only appeared to confirm that the COVID-19 pandemic began with a leak from the lab in Wuhan, China – rather than a natural origin in a nearby open-air wet market, as the Chinese claimed – but also that there was not one, but two leaks.

“This report concludes most likely this was two leaks,” said Marshall in a press briefing with reporters. “The possibility of a lab leak in the September-October [2019] time frame, even …

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