Biden’s Incompetence – Founding Guidance

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Sometimes you must return to basics. Today we have a Chief Executive, Joe Biden, who appears compromised in mental acuity and morally, who cannot remember core elements of his job, is failing and seems morally compromised. What would our Founders say?

Interestingly, our Founders debated vigorously how to assure a Chief Executive stayed cogent, competent, honorable, and honest. They did this in the summer of 1787, and records were kept by James Madison, later our fourth president.

Madison was smart and honest. He was the one who reduced 60 amendments to the 10 we call our Bill of Rights. Like Washington and Franklin, he had good judgment.

At the time that the Constitution was being debated, some were away, including Jefferson in France, but debates were riveting, and if you go back they are helpful. Our Founding Fathers would be inclined to act, right now, to protect …

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