Canadian ‘experts’ claim capitalism, white supremacy to blame for climate change

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On Monday, the Public Health Agency of Canada released a report on climate change and its impact on Canadians’ wellbeing. The document centred around interviews with numerous “key public health experts,” each of whom tied environmental issues to their particular cause du jour.The report alleged that white supremacy , capitalism, colonialism, and racism were all “systemic drivers of negative health outcomes and climate change,” and therefore the only way forward is via a plan focused on “decolonizing, justice, and equity.”The report begins with the authors, Isaac White, Jennifer Otoadese, and self-identified “white settler scholar” Dr. Heather Castleden, stating that, “we acknowledge that we are uninvited land occupiers who by virtue of our identities contribute to the multiple manifestations of settler colonialism in our society.”Their choice of experts was “inspired” by intersectional theory in hopes of gathering “diverse perspectives on the health impacts of climate change,” …

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