Biden Bets on the Low Expectations of the American People

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One thing can be said for the announcement video for Joe Biden’s 2024 reelection campaign, which runs to a little over three minutes. Biden and the Democrats are willing to defy historical conventional wisdom, which since the time of Harry Truman has said that when presidents run for reelection, “the buck stops here.”

The video opens with images of January 6, as Biden intones about threats to democracy, followed by images of protestors carrying banners declaring “Abortion is a right” and “Trans Rights are human rights.” Watching the video, one could be forgiven for wondering just who the president has been for the past two and a half years.

As ominous music plays, Biden intones that “they are banning books.” He warns of attacks on Social Security, and enjoins that “hate should have no place.” While the extraordinarily …

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