Parents sued for speaking out against sexually explicit books in library: ‘It’s disgusting’

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A pair of New Jersey moms being sued by a school librarian for voicing concerns about sexually explicit books in their school library said they will not succumb to “scare” tactics and encouraged other parents to join them in speaking out.

Kristen Cobo and Christina Balestriere of Roxbury, New Jersey, are among the parents at the center of the defamation suit filed by the school librarian at their children’s high school. After they spoke out at a board of education meeting about sexually explicit books in the school library, Roxbury High School librarian Roxana Russo Caivano filed a lawsuit against them, arguing that the parents had defamed her by challenging her choice of content and alleging that they had labeled her a “child predator” and accused her of “luring children with pornography.”


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