For-Profit ‘Nonprofits’ Are Smashing the Lights of Democracy

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The Washington Post will do anything to protect democracy – no matter how many people they have to keep off the ballot to do it.

At least that was the message they sent with a recent op-ed – written by a trio of officials from the far-left groups Third Way, MoveOn, and the Center for American Progress Action Fund – that attacks the bipartisan group No Labels. The piece is chock full of misstatements and Orwellian double-speak, but it does get two things right:

A) The date

B) The sentence “No Labels is spearheading an effort to put a third-party ticket on the ballot in every state.”

Yes, No Labels wants Americans to have more choice at the ballot box, but the WaPo and their cadre of aligned non-profits don’t. See, they’re concerned that third-party candidates might lure center-left candidates away from supporting mainstream Democrat-Communists, and that might help Republicans.

Or at least …

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