MN Bans Free Speech For Therapists Treating gender dysphoria

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Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz signed a bill on April 27 that bans private conversations between therapists and patients struggling with their sex and sexuality.

Now Minnesotan therapists who help those with gender dysphoria accept their sex and those with unwanted same-sex attraction are banned from helping willing clients with these struggles. HF 16 bans these private, uncoerced conversations as illegal “conversion therapy” for children and adults despite studies suggesting such conversations can be helpful and welcomed.

“No child will be subjected to this outdated, Byzantine, and cruel practice of conversion therapy,” Walz announced during the signing.

Gov. Walz signs bill banning conversion therapy by licensed professionals in Minnesota — John Croman (@JohnCroman) April 27, 2023

The new law isn’t just an attempt to control how qualified counselors and mental health medical professionals deal with patients; it’s an attempt to chill …

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