Manufacturers Flee China – But Biden Policies Keep Them Out of America

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Late last month, Apple CEO Tim Cook announced that Apple would move 25% of all iPhone production to India by 2025, joining a growing number of companies shifting away from China amid escalating geopolitical tensions. But as China sees its status as the world’s foremost manufacturer begin to slip, U.S. President Joe Biden’s regulatory assaults and onerous tax policies mean that many American businesses are relocating to countries besides the United States.

Apple’s announcement in April was just the latest relocation news from the world’s most valuable company. In February, Apple supplier Foxconn also released plans for a $300 million facility in Vietnam, citing supply chain issues, riots at the company’s Zhengzhou factory, and extreme COVID-19 restrictions in China.

Other companies have followed suit. Dell and HP quietly announced plans to shift 30% of their laptop manufacturing …

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