Texas DPS: Illegal Alien Apprehensions Reach Rate of 9,000 Per Day

Article originally appeared on amgreatness.com.

The Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) recently claimed that the ongoing mass migration crisis has led to a daily rate of at least 9,000 apprehensions along the southern border.

Breitbart reports that DPS spokesman Lt. Chris Olivarez confirmed the claims, saying that the previous two days have seen over 9,000 such apprehensions of illegal aliens. These numbers surpass the previous highest daily rate in the month of December, which saw approximately 7,200 arrests per day.

If the daily rate of 9,000 holds steady for the rest of May, it will shatter previous records under the Biden Administration as well as the overall history of the Border Patrol, ultimately coming to about 279,000 illegal aliens apprehended this month; the previous month in April saw over 181,000 apprehensions overall. The daily figures are expected to rise significantly, however, once the …

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