Thwarting Detractors, Italian PM Meloni Finds Success With Trumpian Policy Agenda

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Since Giorgia Meloni’s election as Prime Minister of Italy last year, the liberal establishment – both inside and outside of Italy – has been working overtime to slander and undermine the staunch conservative leader. Now, many on the left think they have found the perfect foil for Meloni in Elly Schlein, an ex-Barack Obama staffer whom some in the liberal press are calling “Italy’s AOC.”

In March, voters elected Schlein to lead Italy’s Democratic Party (PD) as its secretary. Particularly following Meloni’s victory last September, the PD has struggled to find its identity. From winning more than 12 million votes in Italy’s 2008 elections, the party won just 5.5 million last year.

Schlein has promised to change all that – but not without shaking up the status quo. She ran as an unapologetic leftist and in defiance of the party establishment, advocating …

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