Leftist Protestors Get Government Payouts While Conservatives Get FBI Raids

Article originally appeared on amac.us.

Late last month, South Pasadena, California, became the latest city to announce that it would issue lucrative payouts to Black Lives Matter protestors who are accusing the police department of not “protecting” them during protests in 2020 – when they were ironically calling for defunding the police. But while liberal city governments are obediently handing over millions of taxpayer dollars to Marxist “mostly peaceful” demonstrators, conservative demonstrators have been the target of relentless persecution from Democrat elected officials and even federal law enforcement agencies.

South Pasadena officials said on April 27 that they will pay $500,000 to settle a civil rights lawsuit brought by two leaders of BLM South Pasadena. The lawsuit alleges that, while the protestors were calling for the elimination of the city’s police department, police officers present failed to protect the protestors …

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