Whistleblower: IRS Removes ‘Entire Team’ Probing Hunter Biden

Article originally appeared on thefederalist.com.

An attorney for a Biden administration whistleblower told Congress on Monday that his client and “his [client’s] entire investigative team” tasked with working on the Hunter Biden probe at the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) were removed from the case at the behest of the Department of Justice (DOJ).

“Today the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Criminal Supervisory Special Agent we represent was informed that he and his entire investigative team are being removed from the ongoing and sensitive investigation of the high-profile, controversial subject about which our client sought to make whistleblower disclosures to Congress,” a letter sent to congressional leaders and obtained by The Federalist reads. “He was informed the change was at the request of the Department of Justice.”

Last month, attorney Mark Lytle, who authored Monday’s letter, sent a separate letter to several congressional committee …

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