Biden’s Culture of Impunity

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President Joe Biden walks with Secretary of State Antony Blinken across West Executive Avenue at the White House.

You see it in White House briefings, Justice Department excuses and inaction, agency dissembling. A culture of impunity is rising. Biden’s Secretary of State Tony Blinken is the latest sign. He is about to be held “in contempt” by Congress for failure to produce a “dissent cable” – to which Congress has a right – on the dishonorable, indefensible, fatal Afghanistan pullout.

Terms of the legal battle are drawn. If Blinken refuses to comply with the congressional subpoena, he will become the first Secretary of State ever to be held in contempt. The contempt citation will produce a criminal referral to Justice – which Justice will ignore as Blinken knows.

What the contempt vote means is this: To protect himself and the President from more political embarrassment over Afghanistan, the Secretary is willing to dishonor a constitutional request to which any oversight committee – Republican …

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