Texas Lags Behind Other Red States in School Choice Revolution

Article originally appeared on amac.us.

Over the last year, legislators in a number of red and purple states have advanced legislation creating universal school choice for K-12 students—ushering in a historically encouraging moment for advocates of freedom in education. But despite the accelerating momentum of the school choice movement, Texas—which has often stood on the front lines of conservative priorities and pro-family causes—is oddly lagging behind.

Late Saturday, a bill that school choice advocates hoped would make it through the Republican-controlled legislature officially died, marking a frustrating conclusion to the state legislative, which ends on Memorial Day. School choice has been a rare political roadblock for Republicans in the Lone Star State, particularly at the end of a year that has yielded flagship legislative victories like banning dangerous and experimental transgender surgeries for children and cracking down on fentanyl distribution (both of which have passed …

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