Some of Nation’s Largest Pediatric Hospitals Will No Longer Offer Children Gender Modification

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Children’s Medical Center located in Dallas, TX – New Texas law could impact thousands of young people who want to change.

Potentially thousands of Texas children seeking to change their gender identity will no longer have access to puberty blockers, sterilization, and permanently disfiguring “gender-transition” surgeries in the state under a new law signed by Texas Gov. Gregg Abbott.

The Republican governor signed Senate Bill 14 on June 2, making the Lone Star State the most populous state to prohibit sex-change “treatments” for children.

The new law stands to be a major roadblock for advocates of transgender medicine.

It will stop the nation’s largest pediatric healthcare provider, Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston, from offering “gender-modification” procedures to minors.

And it will prohibit three more of the country’s largest pediatric hospitals from offering services to children who want to change their gender.

Both Texas Children’s Hospital, with 973 beds, and Children’s Medical Center …

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