2024 Meddling: DOJ Indicts Trump Hours After Biden Bribery News

Article originally appeared on thefederalist.com.

The Biden administration informed Donald Trump’s lawyers that a grand jury had indicted the former president and he must surrender to a federal court in Miami on Tuesday. Trump took to Truth Social late Thursday to announce the indictment, proclaiming his innocence and calling it a dark day in America.

The news of the indictment quickly suffocated coverage of a confidential human source’s claim that the Ukrainian founder of Burisma had paid a $5 million bribe to Joe Biden. While the shift in coverage is unfortunate because the legacy media had finally begun to cover the Biden pay-to-pay scandal, the timing provides for the perfect juxtaposition of the federal government’s handling of the two cases and the media’s coverage of both stories. It also proves what Trump said in his social media thread: “We are a country in serious and rapid decline.”

A country cannot survive two standards of justice meted …

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