The Indictment Isn’t Just About Trump, It’s About Wrongthink

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Special Counsel Jack Smith officially indicted former President Donald Trump on Thursday for his retention of presidential documents following his departure from the White House.

The Attorney General Merrick Garland appointee was hard-pressed to cook up charges but somehow still confirmed Americans’ widely held suspicions that this is just a continuation of the deep state’s ploy to get Trump, which started with the Russia collusion hoax in 2016.

“Today’s act of open legal ‘warfare’ by the highly politicized and partisan Department of Injustice, has taken things to a new level, and set a dangerous precedent,” the Trump campaign said in a statement on Thursday night. “By politically weaponizing the DOJ, the Biden administration and their henchmen in the Swamp are now conducting an all-out prosecution of the leader of the current administration’s political opposition. This is un-American and wrong.”

As Federalist Senior Legal Correspondent Margot Cleveland …

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