Xi’s Terror Campaign Takes Its Toll on Chinese Economy

Article originally appeared on amac.us.

In the three months since Chinese President Xi Jinping was confirmed to an unprecedented third term earlier this year, he has doubled down on his so-called “anti-corruption” campaign that has seen millions of party officials and business leaders investigated and arrested. But as top executives fear persecution for perceived disloyalty, China’s economy is floundering.

For the ten years Xi has led the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), his purge of the party and business class under the guise of fighting corruption has never stopped. As former U.S. Secretary of Defense and Deputy CIA Director during the last decade of the Cold War Robert Gates said, the CCP will “do anything to stabilize and expand its regime,” referring to Xi’s willingness to sacrifice economic growth for national security.

Xi confirmed as much in his report to the CCP during the party …

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