The Constitutional Parakeet

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When we first acquired the parakeet, he seemed a normal sort, yellow, green, rather undemanding, happy with his colorful seeds, up early, down late, fellow of regular habits. As I write, he looks on, all the encouragement needed. Surprises did not seem likely. Little did I know he was the constitutional sort.

Constitutional sort? Yes, in ways unexpected, this lively bird seems to personify the things that I write about, and unless he has been looking over my shoulder, they all come from within, which offers – to close the circle – a topic of interest to write about.

For starters, my children named him Grant – like Carey and the General, take your pick. If Carey, you will understand his humorous personality, if Ulysses you will understand why he drinks so much – water not liquor, but you get the point.

So, Grant’s first constitutional hankering turns out to be for free …

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