Six Ways Biden’s Presidency Is Exposing the Obama Myth

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On Thursday, former President Barack Obama will appear in a primetime interview with CNN’s Christiane Amanpour to discuss “the state of democracy” in the United States. Some smart money bettors are wagering Obama is being trotted out to sanctify the Department of Justice’s attack on Trump and downplay its cover-up of Biden family corruption.

But whatever happens, the state of democracy is indeed a subject that the 44th president is uniquely qualified to speak on, since with his legacy now being brought to a culmination by a Biden presidency that many rightly regard as Obama’s third term, his own domestic and foreign failures and abuses of power are increasingly coming in for disillusioned commentary and often harsh judgement.

And while in what will probably be a typical fawning CNN interview Obama will certainly not be questioned about any of this, here, for the record, are the …

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