13 Reasons Joe Biden Isn’t The ‘Ethical’ President Time Magazine Claims 

Article originally appeared on thefederalist.com.

The corporate media kicked off the week with another outrageous story to spin President Joe Biden, the man guilty of politically persecuting his chief political opponent and potentially selling American policy out to foreign adversaries, as an “ethical” president. Biden is “reset[ting] the guardrails against … abuses of power” and “increas[ing] public trust in government,” reads a Time magazine article unironically titled, “Biden Is Resetting the Ethical Norms Trump Trampled as President.”

“President Biden is proud to have restored respect for the rule of law and will not exploit his office with convention events on the White House lawn,” Deputy Press Secretary Andrew Bates told the magazine. “He will not exploit his office for political gain in the way that we saw in the last administration,” Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre added.

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