IRS agent ‘Whistleblower X’ opening statement revealed: ‘The American people deserve to know the truth’

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Two whistleblowers who alleged the Justice Department politically interfered with an investigation into President Biden’s youngest son, Hunter, will testify before Congress at 1 p.m. Wednesday, including “Whistleblower X,” a 13-year special agent of the IRS whose identity will be revealed for the first time during the hearing, and former investigation supervisor Greg Shapley.

According to an opening statement released ahead of the hearing, the unidentified official intends to describe himself as a “whistleblower compelled to disclose the truth” and to shed light on “the shadow that looms over our federal legal system.”

“I have witnessed the corrosion of ethical standards and the abuse of power that threaten our nation. It is within this context that I have chosen to shed light on these actions and expose those responsible.

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