‘The Chosen’ Granted Permission To Keep Filming During Hollywood Strike

Article originally appeared on www.dailywire.com.

“The Chosen,” a series about the life of Jesus Christ, has been granted an exemption and will be allowed to continue filming despite the ongoing writers’ strike and actors’ strike in Hollywood.

The Angel Studios series has been granted one of the first exemptions from the Screen Actors Guild to continue filming its fourth season despite the fact that the strike effectively shut down the production of most TV shows and movies.

Creator and director Dallas Jenkins made the announcement that filming would continue. “Great news! We just received word from SAG that we have been approved for a waiver. We’ll continue shooting on Monday,” he said in a statement to USA Today.

“We’ve worked hard to accommodate all of SAG’s requests and their interim agreement,” Jenkins continued. “We appreciate their recognition of us as an independent as well as their hard work in this process.”

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