NYC Mayor Eric Adams says that ‘no more room’ for migrants: ‘Our cup runneth over’

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New York City Mayor Eric Adams said the city has “no more room for migrants” and “our cup has basically runneth over,” after it welcomed approximately 90,000 migrants since April 2022.

“We stated several months ago that we have reached full capacity and that full capacity was verbalized, and now New York is just going to be visually actualized. We’re going to see how much of our cup has basically runneth over. We have no more room in the city, and we need help,” Adams said in a press conference Wednesday.

“We have no more room in the city, and we need help.” — New York City Mayor Eric Adams

The mayor, a Democrat, shifted responsibility to the federal and state government for not providing enough aid for the city to offer housing and other social services for the thousands of new arrivals.

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