Biden admin to send another $400 MILLION to Ukraine for war effort

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The US intends to send another military aid package for Ukraine worth up to $400 million. The package is expected to include artillery, air defense missiles, and ground vehicles in an effort to support Ukraine’s counteroffensive.

The announcement could happen as soon as Tuesday, according to Reuters.

The assistance package would be the 43rd approved package the US has sent to Ukraine since the conflict began in February 2022. The total cost amounts to more than $41 billion.

Two of the three US officials who spoke anonymously about the support package said that President Biden would not be supplying Ukraine with cluster bombs – a controversial weapon that can detonate long after it was fired, possibly bringing serious harm to civilians.

However, the US reportedly sent Ukraine cluster munitions in July. These are referred to as dual-purpose improved conventional munitions, which are fired from a 155 millimeter Howitzer cannon, according to Reuters.

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