Most people, including Democrats, disapprove of appliance energy regulations: Poll

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Most people, including a majority of Democrats, are likely to vote for a candidate who is against green energy regulations on appliances such as stoves and dishwashers — a sign that the Biden administration’s climate policies may be missing the mark with both parties.

A poll conducted by CRC Research for the 85 Fund exclusively obtained by the Washington Examiner shows that most people are against the federal government placing regulations on household appliances, a recent push from President Joe Biden to tackle climate change.

When asked how likely they would support a candidate who would revoke those regulations, 56% of respondents said they were “more likely” to support such a candidate. When broken down by party, 54% of Democrats and 48% of liberals joined 61% of Republicans and 52% of independents.

The poll showed that most respondents across all parties are in favor of “consumers’ decision” over government restrictions. One of the Biden administration’s most championed policies is to reduce fossil fuel consumption and increase green energy options, whether it be for vehicles or appliances such as gas stoves and refrigerators.

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