The ‘Loving Father’ Excuse For Joe Biden’s Scandals Is Gross

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Evidence is dropping by the week pointing to Joe Biden’s involvement in a pay-for-play scheme trading political favors for foreign bribe money, with his bumbling son Hunter playing shady international go-between. But we can’t fault selective family man Joe for his poor judgment — he really just loves his son Hunter very much, and the two were working through their shared grief about the death of Biden’s elder son, Beau. Some father-son duos bond over fishing and golf — who are we to judge if the Biden men sought solace in some good old-fashioned influence-peddling and an obsessive meteorology hobby?

That’s the memo of choice for the corporate media, apparently. On Tuesday, Jonathan Lemire of MSNBC and Politico defended revelations that then-Vice President Joe Biden spoke to Hunter’s foreign business associates on the phone dozens of times, after Biden spent years denying that he ever discussed business with Hunter “or anyone else.”

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