Court Exposes Buzzfeed’s Unethical Kevin Spacey Takedown

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Kevin Spacey was recently acquitted of nine sexual offense claims in a London courtroom. It was the third time on two continents that he has been acquitted in courts of law.

This series of allegations against Spacey first emerged with a Buzzfeed News article released in October 2017. All of the cases and charges that followed that article effectively ended Spacey’s career and public life. The article was written by journalist Adam Vary and claimed Spacey had sexually assaulted actor Anthony Rapp when Rapp was just 14.

The article came out at the height of #MeToo in the midst of a war for clicks and a “Believe All Victims” moral panic. It contained allegations of criminal and just plain creepy behavior by Spacey dating back to 1986.

Specifically, the article claimed Spacey, then age 26, had brought Rapp, then age 14, and an unnamed 17-year-old out to dinner and then a nightclub. During this night, Spacey allegedly invited only Rapp to a party several days later. At the party, the account went, Rapp, bored by the adult vibe, retreated to a bedroom and pulled over the door to watch TV. After some time, he saw Spacey standing in the doorway drunk. Spacey then allegedly came forward, dropped him on the bed, and lay across him in a sexual manner. According to Buzzfeed, Rapp said he managed to wriggle out from under Spacey and leave the apartment.

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