Virginia 6-year-old boy who shot, wounded teacher bragged, ‘I shot that b*tch dead’: police

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Recently uncovered search warrants pertaining to the 6-year-old boy who shot and injured his teacher in Virginia have revealed that he had boasted about his attack to a school employee, declaring, “I shot that b*tch dead.

”The boy had shot a teacher at Abigail Zwerner at the Richneck Elementary School, allegedly using his mother’s gun. His mother pleaded guilty to federal charges for using drugs, specifically marijuana, while owning a gun. She faces futher felony charges at the state level for child neglect and reckless gun storage, per The New York Post.

“I did it … I shot that b*tch dead,” the boy said, according to documents. “I got my mom’s gun last night.”

The 25-year-old teacher suffered a collapsed lung in addition to other traumatic injuries as a result of the attack. She has since left her job with the school and has filed a lawsuit against the district for $40 million.

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