Disney teams with ‘gender-fluid’ Minnie TikTok star to sell merch to kids—conservatives promise ‘Bud Light’ treatment

Article originally appeared on thepostmillennial.com.

The Walt Disney Company renewed its commitment to having LGBTQ+ representation in their promotions to children by partnering with TikTok influencer Seann Altman, a genderfluid biological male who uses he/him pronouns, to demonstrate how they can dress like Minnie Mouse, drawing criticism from conservatives.

In a video on the Disney Style TikTok account posted on July 21, Altman goes through the pieces of his outfit to look like Minnie Mouse. He said, “The character most like me is Minnie Mouse.”

After going through the outfit of a red dress, white gloves, and yellow shoes Altman proclaimed “I literally look like Minnie Mouse, and I fit in perfectly with Mickey and his friends.” He added, “The bow, with the dress, and the shoes really sealed the deal. Now I’m fashionable, bold, and fun, just like Minnie Mouse!”

Altman’s TikTok page frequently features the male dressing up in dresses, skirts, and heels.

Disney Style is a division of the Walt Disney Co. that promotes its clothing and accessories to fans. The partnership caused conservatives to push for boycotts as they did when beer brand Bud Light partnered with transgender TikToker Dylan Mulvaney, costing them billions.

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