‘Where Have You All Been?’: Gold Star Mom Slams Tapper, Media For Silence On Biden’s Botched Withdrawal

Article originally appeared on www.dailywire.com.

A Gold Star mom who lost her son in the terrorist bombing during the botched Afghanistan withdrawal confronted CNN host Jake Tapper about the media silence over President Biden’s handling of the withdrawal.

Kelly Barnett, the mother of Staff Sergeant Taylor Hoover, had noted in the past that her son had served in Afghanistan twice before he was murdered in the attack. She said he had told her he was concerned “the moment that he landed and saw what he saw. His words were chaos, no communication, lack of leadership. He said he never [saw] anything like it.”

“He told me, Mom, I now know that the command cares nothing for us,” Barnett had stated. “My son, these 12 others left this earth thinking that their command cared nothing for them.”

“Ms. Barnett, I know you’ve been hesitant to speak out about what happened to your son,” Tapper said as he started his interview with her on “The Lead with Jake Tapper.” “And I totally respect that. Why have you decided to talk publicly now about it?”

“If you give me a little leeway here, when I first saw, you know, the text saying CNN wanted to talk to me, I was so happy,” Barnett responded. “Where have you all been? We need you, Jake. We need you. We need CNN. We need all the other networks to voice our opinions, our truths and get it out there.”

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