Fox, RNC finalize Milwaukee debate, Trump surrogates to obtain new credentials for entry

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The Republican National Committee and Fox News have finalized the slate of candidates that will be participating in the first GOP primary debate—and frontrunner President Donald Trump will not be among them. Trump has declined to participate, citing his commanding lead in polling.

A new poll from South Carolina shows Trump crushing DeSantis by 34 points, and while the going wisdom from the pundit class has been that Trump can win the nomination but not the general election, CNN admitted that Trump’s solid shot at taking back the White House cannot be ignored.

A Harvard Harris poll showed Trump not only dominating the GOP field but beating Biden in the general election. While both men are burdened with legal woes, Trump’s four indictments have only bolstered his support. The case against Biden, just forming in Delaware under special counsel David Weiss and ongoing in Congress under Rep. James Comer, are still in the early stages. It is unclear what impact these investigations into financial deals, including alleged bribery and influence peddling, could have on the president.

Many feel the prosecution of Trump is political in nature, with the former president facing some 600 years in prison time were he convicted on all the many counts from New York to Georgia to the Department of Justice. 74 percent of Republican voters believe Trump is innocent of all charges and has done nothing wrong.

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