‘Read the room:’ Biden jokes about the ‘hot ground’ while observing Maui fire damage

Article originally appeared on www.foxnews.com.

President Biden joking about the “hot ground” in Maui didn’t go over well for many X users on Monday.

Biden arrived in Hawaii that day to give remarks on the aftermath of that devastating wildfires that have taken the lives of over 110 people. Prior to his speech, he met and shook hands with a group of officials, stopping in front of a search and rescue dog. While petting the dog, he joked the boots the canine was wearing.

“You guys catch the boots out here?” Biden appeared to ask the press watching him. He smiled and said, “That’s some hot ground, man.”

The reference to how “hot” the ground was following the deadly wildfires seemed inappropriate to many social media users who saw the clip.

Harrison Metal founder Michael Dearing remarked, “Nothing says leadership like yukking it up with the human-remains-sniffing dogs.”

Conservative commentator Robby Starbuck wrote, “Imagine your loved one burned to death less than a month ago and when Biden finally visits after his TWO vacations, he jokes around about how hot the ground is. Sick.”

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