REVEALED: Biden DOJ wants to use TikTok to spy on Americans

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United States government regulators attempted to reach an agreement with TikTok to avoid banning the app in the US, which would have granted the federal government extensive control over the app, according to reports.

Forbes obtained a draft of a contract between TikTok and the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) that would have granted unprecedented access to multiple US agencies to the app’s records and operations.

Many of the concessions that the government demanded of TikTok resemble the surveillance techniques that critics have accused Chinese officials of exploiting. While concerns remain that the CCP uses the app as a surveillance tool, the federal government almost converted it into an American one.

According to Forbes, the draft agreement that was comprised in the Summer of 2022 would have given the Department of Justice and Department of Defense more access to TikTok than any other social media company. The agreement would have granted these federal agencies to search TikTok’s US headquarters, files, and servers without notice.

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