There Is Something Demented About Biden’s Lies

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NBC News’ David Ingram performed a forensic investigation yesterday into claims that Joe Biden had fallen asleep during a ceremony honoring victims of the devastating forest fires in Hawaii. The president, who had finally mustered up the strength to fly out to the state between vacation days, may or may not have taken a quick nap during one of the speeches — a completely plausible scenario considering Biden struggles to step over sandbags and string together consecutive coherent sentences. The president is an octogenarian.

In any event, Ingram took the time to ask Twitter to comment on the problems of conservative misinformation on its site. Ingram also allowed White House spokesman Andrew Bates to relay his thoughts on the matter (“It’s unfortunate they feel the need to lie. Instead, they should join him in supporting the people of Maui.”) Yet, it never occurred to him, apparently, to ask anyone why the president of the United States, the most powerful man on the planet, told a crowd of mourning constituents that he knew what it felt like to “lose a home” due to a small kitchen fire in his Delaware home back in 2004 that nearly took the life of his microwave.

One might be tempted to blame the president’s mythologizing on his mental decline, but this is not new. Though most politicians idealize or romanticize their past, it is unlikely that there has ever been a bigger fabulist in presidential history than Biden. Let’s again recall that this is a person who, during a presidential campaign, felt comfortable appropriating a stranger’s hard-boiled, mine-digging, poetry-reading life in Wales. And Joe didn’t merely steal Neil Kinnock’s words, as reporter Maureen Dowd noted in 1987, he copied the story “with phrases, gestures and lyrical Welsh syntax intact.” One might call that sociopathic behavior.

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