BREAKING: Trump BLASTS his Georgia indictment during Tucker X interview, says Dems have denied elections and never faced charges

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In an interview with Tucker Carlson on Wednesday as other Republican candidates gathered for the RNC primary debate in Milwaukee, 2024 GOP frontrunner Donald Trump blasted Democrats like Hillary Clinton and Stacey Abrams who have denied their election loses and did not face indictments like he has.

Carlson asked Trump how he remains “so cheerful” when he’s been indicted so many times in the last few months, to which Trump said, “I think it’s a lot easier because I’m so high in the polls, because it means that people get it.”

“The people see it’s a fraud,” he added, saying that with the most recent indictment out of Georgia, Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis is essentially saying “I don’t have any right to challenge the election.”

“Well, what about Stacey Abrams? What about Hillary Clinton? What about all of these Democrats that are still challenging my election, the same people that are saying ‘he’s challenging an election’ challenged my election.”

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