Trump’s enemies come up with new scheme to take him out

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Let’s say you hate Donald Trump and really, really, really don’t want him to become president of the United States again. How do you prevent that? Well, most would agree the best way would be to defeat him electorally, either in the Republican primaries or in the 2024 general election.

But a significant number of Trump’s adversaries don’t have enough faith in our democratic process to make that happen. So, they hope that at least one of the four prosecutions targeting Trump, two from elected Democratic prosecutors in Manhattan and Atlanta and two from the Biden Justice Department, will put an end to Trump’s presidential chances. Even though conviction does not legally bar Trump from running and winning, the hope is that, as a practical matter, there’s no way a convicted Trump could regain the presidency.

But there are some of Trump’s opponents who don’t appear to have a lot of faith in that course of action, either. So, they are now exploring the idea that Trump is already disqualified from running for office. State election boards, or secretaries of state, they say, can, and should, simply remove his name from the ballot in their states. There’s no need for a hearing, or a trial, or a legal ruling, or legislation, or any sort of adjudication process that might get messy. It’s already done. Voila! Trump is off the ballot. Let’s move on.

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