Backlash to Trump mug shot is growing, particularly among black men

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Intoxicated by the thrill of humiliating former President Donald Trump for the fourth time, Democrats opted to take and release a mug shot following his arrest in Fulton County, Georgia . It was a serious miscalculation, and the realization of this foolish, unforced error is just beginning to sink in.

Perhaps the most immediate consequence of this colossal blunder was that it instantly catapulted Trump to “legend” status in the eyes of the black men who lined the street as his motorcade wound its way to the Fulton County Jail last week. They see the mug shot as a symbol of “the man” sticking it to “the people,” a feeling with which they are intimately familiar.

On Friday, rappers Chief Keef and Lil Pump showed their support for Trump on social media. Lil Pump posted his own mug shot next to Trump’s on Instagram with the caption, “Free Trump.” Chief Keef posted a photo of Trump flashing a gang symbol, saying, “he good in da hood,” and predicted that if Trump ever gets convicted, he would “run the prison.”

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