California’s Scott Wiener backs state lawsuit against schools that ‘out’ trans students to parents

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A progressive California lawmaker applauded Monday’s announcement that California’s Democratic Attorney General Rob Bonta had filed a civil rights lawsuit against a school district to stop its new policy requiring schools to inform parents about a student’s gender transition.

State Senator and LGBTQ activist Scott Wiener said “Forcing a teacher to out a trans kid to their parents — even if the kid isn’t ready & even if it puts them at risk of harm — is dangerous & frankly, despicable.

”He added, “Each of us decides when we come out. It’s no one else’s damn business,” and thanked the attorney general for “having these kids’ backs.” Wiener also proposed that California become a sanctuary state for trans kids, which has been called a state-sanctioned kidnapping bill. He has consistently backed legislation that prevents parents from being informed about their child’s gender identity.

Earlier this month, Bonta began an investigation into the Chino Valley Unified School District in San Bernardino County after district officials created a policy that required faculty to inform parents within three days if their child uses names and pronouns different from their birth certificate, or if the student requests to join sports teams or use school facilities opposite of their gender.

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