ANDY NGO REPORTS: Portland trans activist allegedly destroyed and defecated inside teen girl’s car over ‘transphobia’ claim

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A Portland transgender social media activist with a violent criminal history has been charged for allegedly smashing up a teen girl’s car and defecating inside. The suspect allegedly told police the teen was “transphobic.”

On Aug. 27, a 17-year-old girl was confronted by a stranger after parking in the Hollywood neighborhood for a shopping trip. She walked away and upon returning to her vehicle later, found every window and light was smashed out, the interior smeared all over with feces and urine.

“She was in tears,” Lisa Thomasson, the girl’s mother, told The Post Millennial. The 2005 Ford Escape was totaled, deemed a “biohazard” and hauled off to a tow yard. “I just thought what could have happened to my child if that person took the frustration out on her,” Thomasson said, fighting back tears. The 45-year-old school administrator grew up in northeast Portland and is shocked at the deterioration in the city’s public safety.

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