Biden’s new healthcare scheme is socialized medicine in sheep’s clothing

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The Biden administration recently announced the next step toward socialized medicine, releasing its list of 10 prescription drugs subject to “negotiation” with the Medicare program. As one might expect from this administration, its latest gambit, while being couched in market-oriented language, will only further entrench the government in its control of the healthcare system.

Under the rubric laid out by Democrats’ mistitled Inflation “Reduction” Act last year, this “negotiation” will result in a predetermined outcome. The law specifies that drug companies will receive a “maximum fair price” that is at least 25%-60% below current market rates. Thus, the “negotiations” required by the law are little more than a charade designed to give the appearance of a give-and-take process, when in reality, the law prescribes price controls equivalent to those in socialist countries.

And if companies do not agree to “negotiate”? The federal …

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