What House Republicans are focusing on in Biden investigations after returning from recess

Article originally appeared on www.washingtonexaminer.com.

The House will be back in session this week, with Republicans back on the battlefield with multiple investigations into President Joe Biden and his family that some GOP members hope will lead to an impeachment inquiry.

Several hard-line conservatives have floated or outright called for an impeachment inquiry into Joe Biden, particularly over the Justice Department’s investigation into Hunter Biden and the two federal legal cases against former President Donald Trump. Many Republicans have blasted the Biden administration for its “weaponization” of the DOJ and an overarching “two-tiered system” of justice.

House Oversight and Judiciary committees continue to hold hearings and present evidence they believe implicates Joe Biden benefiting from international business dealings or making policy decisions because of them, but they have not yet found the linchpin that could aid in validating an impeachment inquiry.

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